Good ideas can come from anywhere. But it takes vision, tenacity, tedious experimentation, and probing research to fuse ideas into a successful campaign. Welcome to our creative lab.

Who We Are

Mercury Labs is a high-touch, high-care creative communications agency that immerses ourselves in your business, imagines who you are and could be, then creates programs to translate your DNA into stories that inspire.

What We Do

Our mission is to tell stories that move people and grow companies. Our work includes marketing and communications strategy and planning, message development, video production, public relations, content marketing and design services.

We choose each unique program based on client needs after we listen and learn about your customers, your business and your unique value. Then we mix together our strategy, insights, creativity and marketing expertise to translate who you are into a marketing engagement that moves your business forward.

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Public Relations

Looking to get your company in the news? Speak at a conference? Media train your executives? Launch a blog? Have to deal with a communications crisis? We implement all of these public relations programs and more every day for our clients. With a core specialization in technology, healthcare, finance, B2B industries and startups, we understand how to manage communications efforts and deliver results, whether it's securing media coverage, building and promoting customer successes, writing, promoting, more writing, or finding other ways to earn and manage the spotlight for your company.



If it moves and is on a screen, it’s a Mercury Labs scientific specialty. Say the words movie, motion, cinema, film, video, online video, and we’re on it. The Mercury Labs video production team has produced enough cinematic content to play at a movie theater for days, from brand videos to commercial spots, online episodic series, new business presentations, sponsored online short films, corporate documentaries, testimonial videos, company and product demos, event and trade show sizzle reels and recruiting videos.

Content Marketing

Thought leadership articles, customer success stories, social media posts and repurposed media coverage all form a robust content marketing program to engage your customers and prospects. By integrating web-based technologies and tools with relevant content, Mercury Labs can collaborate with you to build compelling lead generation, publicity and digital campaigns. Our unique Customer Champion program is a formalized process for integrating the voice of your customer into your marketing efforts, including web content, videos, analyst relationships, publicity, sales presentations and more. And our social media work focuses on creating compelling content and visuals to engage audiences.  


A single image, infographic or web page communicates who you are as much as a mountain of words. Your company and brand comes to life when words and pictures come together, and this is a core speciality of ours. We combine our understanding of what moves people with visual elements that uniquely define you to create eye-catching designs that grab your audience's attention. Whether it's a motion design project, a new website, brand identity, digital or email campaign, Mercury Labs has successfully delivered design that keeps our clients coming back for more.


Messaging forms the basis for all communications. From your company’s messages, all marketing and communications efforts flow, and a communications infrastructure is put in place for defining who you are and what you do. A public relations or marketing campaign can generate awareness and interest in your company and its products and services. But you first need to have clear, relevant messages that can be shaped and shared with stakeholders at all levels of communication. Our messaging program has delivered unique positioning statements for many clients who have gone on to trademark the messages we crafted for them.

Strategy & Planning

"If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there." Our strategic Lab Sessions help you determine where your organization is going and how it's going to get there through specific marketing and communications objectives, strategies and tactics. Mercury Labs can analyze a specific branding or marketing opportunity or challenge within your organization and/or create and build consensus on a strategic marketing direction and plan that can bring focus to your communications efforts. Our team also creates public relations plans for our clients and conducts a competitive benchmark analysis to assess specific communications weaknesses and opportunities.


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